What is the pound to Japanese Yen exchange rate?

The pound to Japanese Yen exchange rate is also known as (GBP/JPY)

Use the currency converter below to give you the current GBP/JPY interbank exchange rate:


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How to use the currency converter to convert
pounds to Japanese yen and vice versa

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Enter the amount you want

start from the left and select from the first box the currency you wish to convert and select the currency from the drop down menu

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Select the currency you want to convert into

visually see the pound to Japanese yen exchange rate in the converter and click convert.

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That's it!

you will see the converted amount appear in the amount field and in the currency you want. Done!

Historical and Live Chart of
British Pounds (GBP) to Japanese Yen (JPY)

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13-02-2021, 03:30 PM

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Interbank Rate

Where can I exchange pounds to yen?

If you are looking to exchange money in cash, then here are the top options when converting yen into pounds or pounds into yen:

1) Banks and currency exchanges - These tend to be expensive options and the overall cost ends up being very high. In some cases, you may have to order in Japanese Yen as they may not have it readily available in stock.

2) Online Currency Specialists - tend to be the better and cheaper option as they do not have the same operating overheads like a bank or branch operation has.

Make sure that you find a currency specialist that supplies your currency at the interbank GBP to JPY exchange rate without any hidden charges or commission. This way you can clearly see how much they will be charging you when you exchange yen to pounds or vice versa.

Online currency specialists tend to also have hedged inventories of Japanese yen and can ship currency out to your UK address for next working day delivery.

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How to transfer yen to pounds?

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Transferring pounds to yen or yen to pounds can be overwhelming but there are a few simple steps to follow:

After you have decided on whether to transfer using a bank or currency specialist, the following steps should take place:

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Check ID

ID Check when you have selected your bank or currency specialist who you will use to make your pound to yen transfer, you will be taken through a process of registration.

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Confirm your exchange rate

you will be asked to confirm your exchange rate and be either given a transparent service where the rate of exchange is the interbank GBP to JPY exchange rate with fees shown separately (best scenario) or you will be quoted the pound to yen exchange rate which includes a hidden mark-up.

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That's it!

once you have confirmed the rate of exchange and the deal is booked, the funds will be sent to the account of the beneficiary that you have set up with the bank or currency specialist.

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What is important when converting pounds to yen is to make sure that you use a transparent currency specialist.

Make sure that you can transact at the interbank pound to JPY exchange rate and where the clear fees are shown separately.

How to get the best yen to pound exchange rate?

The question you really need to ask yourself is how do I get the best deal when exchanging yen to pounds. There are two ways that you will be quoted a GBP to JPY exchange rate by a bank or currency specialist.

When it comes to banks and traditional currency specialists, they will generally provide you with a yen to pound exchange rate that includes their mark up or margin. The problem with this model is that they can quote you one rate and when you call back again the rate can dramatically change from the interbank pound to JPY exchange rate therefore ending up as a worse deal.

If you opt for a transparent currency specialist, you will be able to transact at the live GBP/JPY exchange rate as per the currency converter above. There will be no hidden charges and you will be able to see clearly the fee payable from the live pound to yen exchange rate.

Secondly, it's about timing!

This is where a currency specialist can help, online or otherwise, you should have a dedicated line to a dealer who is informed about the movements about the pound to the Japanese yen.

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