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Travel Money for Colombia - Thinking of Buying Colombian peso? Think Again!

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If you are travelling to Colombia, and thinking about your options with travel money, you will not be able to buy Colombian Peso in advance of your trip due to exchange controls.

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You can do one of the following;

You can use ATMs in Colombia but always use a payment card that has very low ATM fees. Always compare the ATMs in Colombia if you also have a choice as many ATMs will also charge a processing fee when you withdraw money, so you can get charged twice.

You can change your British pounds on arrival in Colombia at an authorized or licenced currency exchange or bank

You can always buy US Dollars from The Currency Club at the best exchange rate with no extra fees. US dollars are widely accepted and can be exchanged cheaply into Colombian Peso when required. Always remember to only change the amount that you need for spending money.

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When you are completing your trip from Colombia always make sure you have spent all of your Colombian Peso or exchange the remainder that you have back into either US dollars or British pounds depending on the exchange rate on offer. Always compare how far the offered rates are from the live interbank exchange rate using our converter.

You can then sell us back your leftover US Dollars on by clicking here.

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We can buy back your leftover Colombian peso (COP) so you can always transact at the best GBP to COP exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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