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Facts about the Australian Dollar

The Currency Club provides the live interbank exchange rate on all currency orders so whether your need is Australian dollars for holiday money or you need to send money abroad, we will always provide you with the real exchange rate with our small fee applied on top!

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How to get the best GBP to AUD exchange rate

Always start your search online. Not only do online providers usually have stock of Australian dollars, but you can receive it next day, delivered securely to you at home. Just make sure you give yourself enough time before you travel

Make sure you compare as many providers exchange rates as possible. The providers will always quote different exchange rates as they hide their fees within the rate of exchange.

You can buy Australian Dollars from The Currency Club at the interbank exchange rate with no hidden fees and at the best exchange rate every time.

Is it cheaper to Buy Australian Dollars in Australia?

This is dependent on many factors, just like in the united kingdom, it depends where you buy Australian dollars from. If you choose to get them from a bank or a high street operator, then it is likely that you wont get a good rate of exchange.

You can always secure yourself with the best rate of exchange and at the lowest fees in the UK in advance of your travel to Australia.

View our [GBP/AUD] historical exchange rate graph below

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We can buy back your leftover Australian dollars (AUD) so you can always transact at the best interbank GBP to AUD exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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Send money abroad in Australian dollars (AUD) at the real interbank exchange rate for as little as 0.36%

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