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British Pound (GBP) to Swiss Franc (CHF) exchange rate

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To obtain the latest pound to swiss franc exchange rate, please refer to our currency converter. We offer a transparent currency exchange service where you can see the live GBP/CHF interbank exchange rate before confirming our best offer rate which allows you to easily compare before transacting. See how much you could save by using us today.

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The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
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Background to the Swiss Franc

The Swiss Franc is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland; it is also legal tender in the Italian exclave Campione d'Italia. The Swiss franc is the only version of the franc still issued in Europe. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) code of the currency used by banks and financial institutions is CHF, although "Fr." is used by mainly businesses and advertisers. The currency is commonly referred to by foreign-exchange traders as "Swissie".

In 1907, the Swiss National Bank took over the issuance of banknotes. Denominations range from 5 to 1000 francs. All Swiss Franc notes have the same height (74mm), while the widths increase with the value of then note. All banknotes are quadrilingual, displaying all information in the four national languages.

The Swiss Franc is regarded as a reserve currency around the world and is currently ranked after the US Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen and the Pound Sterling.

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The Currency Club Key Facts:

The Currency Club's team checks competitive foreign exchange market information on a daily and intra daily basis to ensure that we maintain the best rates for Swiss francs.

The Currency Club allows you to buy swiss francs delivered to your door at the real exchange rate with our small fee clearly shown.

What denominations can I buy swiss francs in?

The denominations available are 10,20,50,100,200 and 1000 notes. Please note we do not supply swiss franc coins. You can select small, mixed or large denominations where we will do our best to match you requirements.

What are the best denominations of swiss franc to take to Switzerland?

If you are visiting Switzerland, then select the denominations of travel money that will match your requirements. Feedback from our members is that in Switzerland, the majority of shops will accept most denominations with the greatest difficulty being the 1000 note for obvious reasons. If however, you are making a large purchase, for example, if you are paying for accommodation and you would rather take cash, then the 1000 swiss franc notes should be suitable but always check before buying your travel money.

Is it cheaper to buy Swiss francs in Switzerland?

It really depends on where you are travelling. If you end up in a touristic location in Geneva or Zurich for example, always make sure that you compare the exchange rates on offer. Many exchanges still charge commission on currency whilst hiding their markup within the exchange rate. It can be cheaper to buy online before you travel as all prices are clearly displayed in a competitive environment

So How do I get the best exchange rate on pound to swiss franc?

Compare, compare, compare, but at the same time, don't leave your purchase of swiss francs to the last minute. Check the rates online and buy your currency in advance. This way you are not held at the mercy of the traditional currency exchange rates or the bank rates.

Always note, that the Currency Club will provide you with the real exchange rate and clearly shows you the fee that we charge so you can quickly make an informed decision and be re-assured thar you are getting the best rate of exchange.

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Swiss franc conversion is always much easier when you do it with The Currency Club. Our fully automated platform provides members with greater transparency. Register and become a member with your own designated account to order travel money efficiently and at your their own convenience. Start placing your order for competitive Swiss franc exchange rates through The Currency Club.

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We can buy back your leftover Swiss francs so you can always transact at the best GBP to CHF exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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