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From making international payments to your team and suppliers abroad to managing your expenses globally, The Currency Club offers a low cost, quick and secure way for businesses to move money anywhere.

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The Currency Club
The Currency Club

How can we help your business?

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly where simply a move of 1-2% can have a significant impact on a business's financial performance especially when moving large sums of money around the globe. So whether it's making international payments to suppliers overseas, managing payroll for employees based abroad, or receiving various foreign currency payments from clients based elsewhere, we make it easier, faster and cheaper to manage the foreign exchange part.

Bringing Transparency to Foreign Exchange

No more hidden spreads or negotiating on exchange rates with a few pips taken here and there. You will be charged a fee based on the volume of transactions you conduct with us. The more your transfer the less fees you pay. Simple.

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International Payments

Fast and secure international transfers are at the core of our business. You always get the interbank rate and we give you transparency from the outset so you know exactly what our fee is from the get go. Simple.

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Hedging solutions

Reducing downside risk and managing exposures are part of our day to day skill set. Whatever your business, speak to one of our specialists and let us complete our analysis, guiding you with a bespoke solution that will positively impact your bottom line.

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Risk Management

The Currency Club strives to provide outstanding long-term risk management solutions to mitigate any foreign exchange exposures that may be inherent in the nature of your business. We offer a comprehensive suite of hedging solutions to a diverse range of businesses across a variety of sectors.

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Benefit from our in-depth analysis of currency pairs, macro economic and political outlook as well as the sharing of upcoming market data by our in house team of research analysts.

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Companies of all sizes rely on us to handle their foreign exchange requirements. Based on our reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted foreign exchange specialist we continue to add value to all our clients and work tirelessly to keep the costs of foreign exchange low for all our members.

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