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We are The Currency Club, and unlike other FinTechs that simply offer attractive technology, we combine our own best in class technology with a team of foreign currency specialists to produce well executed, currency management solutions for your company. You can now buy euros for your business with fast delivery online.

Our consultative approach, in house culture and proven track record cover both physical banknotes and international payments services within the foreign exchange sector which also differentiates us from our peers. Global payments, transparent execution and first class risk management all delivered from our leading team of experts.

And lets be clear. we are friendly foreign exchange specialists, not a bank.

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How do we help businesses?

We are foreign exchange specialists that offer a consultative approach.

Given that every business is unique we engage with you to obtain a complete understanding of your business and the sector you operate in. After discussing your foreign exchange requirements, we work with you to improve what is currently in place within your organisation or to implement a brand new strategy.

The Currency Club has a dedicated team of knowledgeable foreign exchange analysts that use best in class technology to give companies the guidance and tools to execute a more effective strategy when managing foreign exchange risk.

What we offer

Bespoke service

For other companies, a telephone brokerage service may be more suitable. We offer a dedicated market expert who will proactively manage your foreign exchange strategy whilst being your eyes and ears within the live foreign exchange market. Additionally, our platform provides electronic alerts and reminders can also be implemented on your account.

24/7 global payments platform

Understandably, business needs differ and some may have more complex requirements than others. For businesses that require simpler solutions, our online tools and quick execution platform service may be sufficient.

Our network of liquidity providers

We have access to Tier 1 banks with an extensive network of liquidity providers to ensure you get access to the best pricing on every foreign exchange transaction when executing all our international payments.

Transparent pricing

We are honest with the associated cost of your transaction. You will get access to the interbank exchange rate every time and therefore you know exactly what the associated cost of your transaction will be.

Trade Analysis

For every customer we provide a quarterly report that includes trade analysis, aggregate savings and a detailed breakdown of the international payments transacted year to date. This report is important for our clients and for us to demonstrate how effectively our solutions are working for each business we work for.

Track record of 40 years+

Our own wealth of experience has been hedging physical foreign exchange and implementing foreign exchange strategies for businesses since 1972. Our team consists of problem solvers who have a hands-on approach for every business that we work for. To offer unique hedging strategies that add value to the bottom line and give a peace of mind.

Smart technology

Being primarily a Fintech currency specialist, we don't depend on other Fintech platforms and service providers like many other providers. This allows us to drive down costs and pass on these savings to our clients. We built our technology and we own it. This means that we can produce tailored solutions to suit every business with ease and speed.

Our CTO heads up a dynamic and innovative team based in our Bangalore office. Between them they have over a decade worth of technology experience in the fin tech space. Their number one responsibility is to ensure that platform is robust, secure and gives our clients the necessary tools to mitigate foreign exchange risk efficiently.

Our Product Suite

The Currency Club combines FX market expertise with state-of-the-art Fintech capability to allow you to navigate the currency markets with ease. Not only does this give you direct access to the best pricing available when you book your trade, but first-hand expertise in managing your FX exposures. We do all of this through our global payment's platform. All delivered with our promise of acting in a transparently and with complete integrity at all times.

Spot Contracts

Fast and secure international transfers are at the core of our business. You always get the interbank rate and we give you transparency from the outset so you know exactly what our fee is from the get go. Simple.

Forward Contracts

Reducing downside risk and managing exposures are part of our day to day skill set. Whatever your business, speak to one of our specialists and let us complete our analysis, guiding you with a bespoke solution that will positively impact your bottom line.

Risk Management

The Currency Club strives to provide outstanding long-term risk management solutions to mitigate any foreign exchange exposures that may be inherent in the nature of your business. We offer a comprehensive suite of hedging solutions to a diverse range of businesses across a variety of sectors.

Mass payments

Our automated system allows you to send out multiple payments, in various currencies using a single file upload. The platform has inbuilt bank account verification and a second user double check functionality to avoid payment errors and increase payout efficiency.

Why choose The Currency Club?

Our technology

Our online platform was built by us and is owned by us which means that we are completely in control when it comes to offering our clients an easy to use interface. efficiency. speed and security when it comes to sending money abroad. Make use of our clever dashboard tools to mitigate any exposures you may face.

Price transparency

We want to save your business time, energy and money. Our completely transparent model means no hidden fees. We have an up front fixed fee model that is based on your company requirements and profile. This means that any time you transfer you know exactly what will be charged from our end.

Our people

Every business is only as good as it's people and we have invested heavily in a knowledgeable team of individuals who understand business and want to implement clever cost cutting solutions. Our on demand service means you can place your international payments online 24/7 or call into our dealing desk.

Core values and expertise

With over 30 years in this sector we live and breath the foreign currency markets. We are genuinely interested in learning about businesses and understanding individual requirements. Every person within our organisation is dedicated to finding solutions to protect a client's bottom line and offer the best execution.

Helping businesses save money

Companies of all sizes rely on us to handle their foreign exchange requirements. Based on our reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted foreign exchange specialist we continue to add value to all our clients and work tirelessly to keep the costs of foreign exchange low for all our members.

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Who we work for

Our regulators and our bank

Our team are London based and a trading division of Sterling Consortium Limited. We safeguard client money based on the current FCA guidelines under the Payment Services directive into segregated accounts which are held with Lloyds Bank.

Lloyds banking group
The Currency Club


Our England and Wales company number: 05850613

We are also listed on The Financial Conduct Authority register (FCA no. 504439) under the PSD Directive and governed by HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business (MSB registration no. 12120971).