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In the dynamic world of foreign exchange, most banks and currency brokers add on various margins to the exchange rate that customers are not aware of making it harder for you to compare exchange rates on offer. We have gone one step further. To offer you low cost exchange rates whilst giving you to access to the live interbank exchange rate at the point of when you transact for complete transparency.

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What is the mid market rate
The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
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Most bureau de changes, banks and currency brokers will state no commission or fee free but in reality, these are hidden within the rate of exchange. When you cannot see the interbank exchange rate it becomes harder to compare which is the best value? We're changing this to offer a fully transparent marketplace where there are no hidden fees and you have access to the live interbank exchange rate before you transact.

The Currency Club is re-writing the script!

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best currency rates uk

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best exchange rates uk best exchange rates

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best exchange rates uk

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Via the converter on the homepage select the currency you wish to send and how much.

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Our rates are always moving with the market. Once you have entered the details in the converter and accepted the rate offered, you have locked in your rate and the rate will be fixed.

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If you are sending money on a regular basis to the same recipient, select the recipient from your saved recipient list or if you are sending money to someone new add a new recipient - this can be done in a few minutes!

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The last step, you can make payment to us via credit, debit cards or bank transfer. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates regarding the progress of your transfer and confirmation that your recipient has received the funds.

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Frequently asked questions

Our International Payments platform allows you to send money at the current interbank exchange rate plus a small transaction fee. With just a few clicks you can send money overseas while saving you up to 4% on what your bank will charge you.

Signing up to make a currency payment shouldn't take you longer than 5 minutes. In some cases, following the registration process and for your own security, we may request some documents to prove your identity. We accept clear photos or scans which can be uploaded securely via the My Account section of our website or by clicking here. We accept the following file formats JPG, PDF, PNG.

Providing Proof of Address

The simplest way to provide this would be a utility bill (electric, gas, landline phone, water, satellite/cable TV, or broadband) or a bank statement. Please note we only accept documents dated within the last 3 months, and they must include your full name and address. We cannot accept TV licences or mobile phone bills. Also, please note that all documents must be the original document and not edited in any way.

Providing proof of Identification

We can accept an upload of your passport, government-issued identity card, or photo card driver's licence. Please make sure that your documents are in date and currently valid.

When Uploading

Make sure that the name and address match those that you have registered with us. Secondly, your file must be less than 5MB each and must be clear.

You can currently transfer as much as GBP £50,000 worth of currency at a time online from the UK to an overseas location. However, we can certainly accommodate larger transactions. Please contact us today for further information.

For a list of currencies we can accept and pay out, please use our converter by clicking here.

There may be some associated costs when receiving payments from overseas.

Generally speaking they can be broken down into receiving fees and intermediary fees.

Receiving fees

From 13 January 2018, international payments received into a recipient's bank account from within the EEA must be sent with charges shared (SHA) in accordance with the Payment Services Regulations 2017. These payments may be subject to an inward payment fee, which may have previously been paid by the sender.

When an inward payment fee is applied this is usually deducted from the transfer amount and then the remaining balance is credited to the recipient's bank account

Furthermore, the bank may also charge a fee for processing and depositing overseas funds.

Intermediary fees

International payments are sent via the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ) which is a global network of banks. When sending money abroad the funds are routed via intermediary banks within the network and each bank can charge a fee for processing the payment. This intermediary fee can either be covered by the sender or deducted from the transfer amount.

International payments can take anywhere from next day to 4 working days and the speed of settlement is based on several variables such as the time zone, the currency being sent, the cutoffs for that currency and the destination of the recipient's bank account.

The quickest method for making a euro payment is SEPA and can be same day if initiated before cut offs however these payments have a cap of €15,000. If euro payments are sent past the cut off the funds clear on the next business day.

The majority of international payments outside the Eurozone are sent via SWIFT. SWIFT transfers can take a maximum of up to 2 working days but at times, it can take longer if the payment is upheld for compliance or due to the destination of the beneficiary account.

No. When making international payments cut off times apply. If an international payment is initiated on Friday afternoon, the payment will be processed on the following Monday. Weekends and public holidays will delay the international payment further as payments are processed on business days only.

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