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Most banks and bureaux de change add on different margins to the exchange rate that customers are usually unaware of. These margins eventually make it harder for you to compare exchange rates on offer. Thus, we have gone one step further, offering you low cost exchange rates. whilst giving you access to the live interbank exchange rate when you transact, to maintain complete transparency. Compare our buy back currency rates and see how much you can save.

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What is the mid market rate
The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
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In most cases, bureaux de changes, banks and currency brokers will state no commission or fee free. But in reality, the margin is hidden within the rate of exchange you pay. When you cannot see the interbank exchange rate, it becomes difficult to compare the best overall currency buy back exchange rates deal on offer. So we're changing this to offer a fully transparent marketplace where there are no hidden fees, and you have access to the live interbank exchange rate before you transact.

The Currency Club is re-writing the script!

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Once your currency buy back order is placed, you will be provided with an indicative captured exchange rate.

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Send your currency to us via Royal Mail special delivery

Make sure the item has been insured to value in the event of loss or theft and keep hold of the tracking ID. Make sure you use the tamper proof special delivery bags provided by Royal Mail to send us your currency

Send it directly to our cash centre as specified on the confirmation.

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Once we have received your buy back foreign currency in the cash centre, the live captured exchange rate will be applied with the same margin against the interbank exchange rate as when you placed the order online when we process your order subject to there not being any other factors out of our control. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details. We shall then proceed to make payment to the bank account details you have provided. Payment to your account will be paid by BACS which can take up to three working days to clear.

When to sell currency?

If you are trying to maximise your return out of this, you will have to anticipate whether the currency's value you want to sell will increase against the currency you will receive. So, for example, if you want to sell Euros and get Pounds in exchange, make sure that the value of Euros at that moment is significantly higher than Pounds.

This procedure is especially easy when you get your buy back currency exchanged through us. You can readily compare how much you will be getting against the currency you provide us with. You do not have to go through the hassle of researching various websites. Simply compare exchange rates here.

Moreover, the amount of transparency we maintain is something you would not readily find in the market. These further result in a smooth transaction, helping you receive your amount in the shortest time possible.

Why you shouldn't go to the high street when looking for currency buy back?

So you've come back into the country with some leftover currency or you've recently sold something abroad which has left you with a lump of foreign currency.

Up until now, the best way to exchange this money was to visit a high street bank or bureau de change to exchange it back into pounds. In most cases currency buy back in branch has always been an extremely costly solution as banks and bureau de changes would generally make wide margins understanding the necessity that you need to use their services to use your hard-earned money.

Not anymore! with the rise in online currency specialists, and increased competition, you can now conduct a currency buy back from home whilst achieving a great rate of exchange.

When doing a currency buy back check the following, compare the rate quoted against the live interbank exchange rate and only use a transparent currency provider that gives you visibility over the live interbank exchange rate at the time when you book the order.

The Currency Club provides you access to the live interbank exchange rate at the point when you enter your currency buy back into our system.

See how much you can save by comparing our exchange rates

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Frequently asked questions

Please send your currency back to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Also, ensure it at the post office up to the value of its contents in GBP. This will give you peace of mind as you use an insured service to send your cash in the post securely. Moreover, we recommend you always use the tamper-proof bag supplied by Royal Mail to secure the transfer further.

If your currency goes missing on its way to us, you will have to open an investigation case with Royal Mail. Provided you have selected the Special Delivery service from Royal Mail, and you have the currency value correctly insured. Moreover, it is mandatory that you have adhered to Royal Mail's terms and conditions. It is because only then Royal Mail will reimburse you the amount you have lost. Please check Royal Mail's website at and go through the complete terms and conditions of their service, as they may be subject to changes.

Royal Mail does not always deliver on Saturdays, so the fastest we receive your package should be by 1 pm on Monday. However, if there is a bank holiday, the delivery might get delayed even more. So we suggest you always keep an eye on the tracking information provided by Royal Mail via their website.

The Currency Club will apply the rate when the cashier processes your order. This can be at any time within the working day from when the currency enters our cash centre to close of business. We will, however, do our best to process your buy back order as promptly as possible. Once we receive your currency and start processing it, we will notify you about it via email at your registered email address.

Yes, we do accept 500 EUR notes; however, they attract a 3% additional fee. This is because The Currency Club gets charged significantly more to repatriate these notes back to mainland Europe as they cannot be sold to customers within the UK. Please feel free to contact our customer services team if you have any queries relating to another buy back currency denominations.

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