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Unlike many banks and bureaux de changes we are transparent with our US Dollar pricing. You have direct access to the live GBP/ USD interbank exchange rate so it's easier for you to compare and see the savings you make using our buy back service. Compare our buy back rates and see how much you could save.


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What is the mid market rate
The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
1 GBP = Mid Market Rate

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Follow these 3 simple steps to sell your US Dollar back to us

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Place a currency buy back order online to sell US Dollar

Once your currency buy back order is placed, you will be provided with an indicative captured interbank exchange rate and our fee

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Send your US Dollar to us securely via Royal Mail special delivery

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Send to the following address: TCC, PO BOX 66831, London, W27TB

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Once we receive your US Dollar we make payment to your bank account

the real exchange rate and our fee will be applied at the time we process your order. We shall then make payment to the bank account details you have provided.

What is the interbank exchange rate for US Dollar?

Ideally, whenever you are buying or selling US Dollar it is always a good idea to research where the interbank exchange rate is. The interbank exchange rate gives you a guide as you want to transact as closely to it as possible. For ease, we always show what the mid market rate is on our currency converters.

In a nutshell, when you are selling back US Dollar and converting to GBP you want to do so when the US Dollar is strong against British Pound. This way you will get more British Pound for every US Dollar sold. If you are buying US Dollar the reverse applies and you should try to buy when US Dollar weak against the British Pound since this would mean more US Dollar for every British Pound you spend.

Sell US Dollar

The Official Currency of The United States - US Dollars

Introduced in 1792, US Dollar is the most traded currency globally. It owes its popularity to the trade agreement that the United States has signed with other currencies worldwide. As of 2021, people majorly buy and sell US Dollar when it comes to international trade. In addition, many countries also use it as their official currency, contributing to their market presence.

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Facts On US Dollar

Official name - US Dollar

Symbol - $

Nicknames - Benjamins, Smacker, Buckos, Cash, Dinero, Dead Presidents, Bones, Bread, Buck, Jeffersons, Scratch.

Daily population using US Dollars - 350 million approx

How To Sell US Dollar?

If you are looking for the simplest way to sell US Dollars, follow the steps listed below:

Search "sell US Dollar" online.

Check several institutions and compare their exchange rates.

Select the one with the best rates exchange rates. Always check the overall cost and opt for the currency provider offering full transparency with access to the live interbank exchange rate.

Register for their currency buy back service.

Send the foreign currency cash via mail order.

Once the service provider receives the cash, it will transfer the exchange amount to your registered bank account.

It is cheaper to sell foreign currencies online than opting for a bank or bureau de change. Moreover, a thorough comparison of the exchange rates will help you select the best rates for US Dollar. However, you need to be careful while selecting the service provider. Most online institutions tend to charge hefty hidden fees and commissions

Sell US Dollar Through The Currency Club

The Currency Club does not believe in hidden fees. Therefore, we keep our entire transaction as transparent as possible and we have the best USD exchange rate. All the US Dollar exchange rates against different currencies are displayed on our website for you to check. Moreover, we also give access to the interbank rates to compare these rates with our rates before booking our assistance.

Our buy back currency services are not limited to cash, but you can exchange money from a US Dollar account as well at exceptional exchange rates.

Irrespective of how you want to sell US Dollar, The Currency Club will provide you with:

Prompt service

Maximum transparency

Utmost convenience

Lowest exchange rates

How Many Pounds Will You Get Against US$ 500?

As the rate of exchange keeps moving dynamically with the market, there is no fixed amount you can get from this transaction. This completely depends on the live rates US Dollar against Pounds. If you want to know the exchanged value of pounds against US$ 500, refer to our currency converter section.

When is the best time to sell US Dollar?

The ideal time to sell your leftover US Dollars is when their exchange rates are performing great in respect to your concerning currency. Here great refers to low rates; the lower the GBP to USD rates, the more money you will get.

Why should you not sell US Dollars to a bank?

You should not sell US Dollar or any other foreign currency, for that matter, to a bank. This is because banks have:

Extremely high exchange rates

Complicated transaction methods

Time-consuming procedures

Moreover, they have fixed rates for the day. This means even if the US Dollar exchange rates drop during the day, you will have to settle for the higher rate.

Would you still feel more comfortable selling US Dollar in a London branch?

If so please visit Sterling FX for exceptional sell US Dollar branch rates -

View our [ GBP to USD] historical exchange rate graph below

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What is the value of my US Dollar note?

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7,916.34 GBP
100,000.00 USD
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