Frequently Asked Questions
How do I place an order with The Currency Club?
Open an account with us and then simply follow these easy steps:
1. Choose the currency you want to buy
2. Enter the amount you need in Pounds or the corresponding currency (enter numeric value only)
3. Enter your payment details
4. Wait for your currency to arrive through your door!
What is the difference between the 'spot' / 'interbank' rate of exchange and the rate that I receive?
When looking in the financial press and newspapers or when using a simple currency converter, you will be presented with the 'interbank'/'spot' rate of exchange. Banks and financial institutions will trade tremendous volumes at very close to these rates. However, due to individuals ordering smaller volumes of currency the rate that you actually receive may be significantly different to what banks get. The rate offered includes not only the spot/interbank rate at the time of purchase but, the amount ordered combined with currency management costs, handling plus delivery/postage and packaging rates. At times, some travel money providers only offer a fixed rate throughout the day that doesn't change no matter when you ordered the money!

The Currency Club's strategy is more dynamic in providing you with rates. Our exchange rates change constantly and are much closer to the interbank rate than our competitors. They are updated on a minute by minute basis and are directly linked to the interbank/spot rate so we continue to be as competitive as possible. The rate you get will be our best price at the time you place your order.
How can I be sure that I am getting the best price on my foreign currency?
The Currency Club has live data feeds throughout the system. Furthermore, our dealing team checks competitive information on a daily and intra daily basis to ensure that we are never beaten on price. The rates we give you are tracking interbank/spot exchange rates and ensuring that we remain the most competitive in the market.
What is The Rate Optimiser function?
This is a unique feature that is offered to all members of The Currency Club. This function allows you to achieve the best possible rate of exchange by visually demonstrating how your rate improves with the more you order. The more you order, the better the rate you receive. Once the bar is full, then your rate has been optimised!
Do you pass my details to third parties?
The Currency Club understands the importance of privacy and we treat all the information we receive regarding our members as strictly confidential. We do not pass on your details to any third parties. However, The Currency Club or any company associated with The Currency Club may contact you with further offers or products which we believe may be of interest to you. (You can opt out of this when registering for membership).
I haven't received my email confirmation after placing the order, what should I do?
This should never happen as the system is fully automated. However, in the unlikely event that you do not receive a confirmation by email, this may be an indication that your order has not been received or processed and we strongly advise you email our team at Please also check your spam / junk folder and add to your safe senders list.
What are the opening hours of The Currency Club?
Orders may be placed at any time but will be processed during the hours of : Monday to Friday 9.30AM - 6.00PM (excluding UK Bank holidays)
How do I open an account with The Currency Club?
Opening an account with The Currency Club is part of the initial foreign currency purchase process. You can start by visiting our home page and clicking onto 'Become a Member' alternatively, you can click on 'Apply Online'. Once you have completed the necessary fields you will be issued with your formal login username and password. Once you place your first foreign currency order with The Currency Club the account is automatically opened and future transactions will be quick and easy going forward because each time you login in to access your account, your previous information is already stored including any previous transactions for your reference. To open a new account click here
How long does it take to open an account and how quickly can I exchange currency?
It can take as little as a few minutes to open an account as the Currency Club verifies all the information you have provided and performs electronic checks. Once you have received your membership confirmation email, your password will become active and you can start ordering travel money. The Currency Club reserves the right to refuse an account without providing a reason.
Are there any minimum/maximum limits per transaction?
Travel currency cash orders are subject to a minimum order of £300 and a maximum order of £2500 on debit cards. Should you opt to pay by bank transfer an order of £7500 can be placed. Please note we check our client account intra day and you will be informed via email once your funds have cleared.
Can corporate firms have an account?
The Currency Club provides a specialist service for corporate clients. We can help you manage payments and receipts if you are dealing with overseas corporations and should you require currency conversions for overseas purchases for example, property or vehicles we can also assist. Please contact us on 020 7723 7000 for further details.
What if I forget my password?
Click on "Forgot Password" underneath the Log In area on the top right corner of the home page and follow the on screen instructions
What if I discover a discrepancy in my account history?
We make every effort to ensure all transactions are booked correctly however, there may be occasions when you wish to query an entry on your account. If this is the case, send an e-mail with details of the discrepancy to
What type of debit cards do you accept?
We accept payments by MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit and Visa Electron cards. All debit card transactions are completed on a secure encrypted link between our head office and the clearing bank center. All debit card transactions will appear on the your bank statement under The Currency Club.
Are there any charges if I use my debit card card to purchase foreign currency?
No charge using a debit card to purchase foreign currency. Should you have online or telephone banking, you can place an order via bank transfer and we do not charge.
What address will my money be delivered to?
Currency shall be delivered to your home address. Royal Mail shall accept signature from anyone in the premises. Should nobody be present to sign off a red card shall be popped through your letterbox and you can arrange a redelivery or collect from your local mail centre. Your package shall sit in your local mail centre awaiting further instruction from you for a total of two weeks. Thereafter the item shall be returned to sender.
Can I buy Travellers Cheques for somebody else?
Yes you can, but just please inform a member of staff when you place your order. Upon receipt of the Travellers Cheques, the person you are buying for must sign their cheques straight away and as mentioned above, the delivery shall be to the member's billing address.
Why not use my credit card in an ATM when I get to my destination?
You can use your credit or debit card when you are abroad however, this is an expensive way to get foreign currency and we do not advise our members to do so. Your credit card company will charge you a 1.5% handling fee and many foreign banks will also add an additional charge for usage of their cash machines.
What happens if I am out when my money is delivered?
The Royal Mail will post a note through your letter box informing you of the nearest Royal Mail office for you to go to and collect your foreign currency. On this note there will be a number for you to call with the option of Royal Mail redelivering to your address at a time that suits.
Why do you want to know my telephone number?
If for any reason we need to contact you about your order it is important that we have a contact telephone number. We may ask you for an email address as well so that we can send you confirmation of your order in writing. Any personal information is strictly confidential and will only be used in accordance with out privacy policy.
Will I receive confirmation that my order has been accepted?
Yes. This may not come through immediately but will do so as soon as we have obtained authorisation from your card issuer.
The currency I need is not listed
If you cannot find the currency you require online then please call 020 7723 7000 or email
What currency do I need to take with me on my trip?
If you do not know what currency you should take on your trip then please call 020 7723 7000 or email
I know that there are sufficient funds in my account but my card has been rejected. What should I do?
You will be restricted by the cash limit imposed by your card issuer. You must either order an amount below your cash limit or use an alternative card.
Can I pay for my currency by Bank Transfer?
Yes you can so long as it is same day (CHAPs/ Faster Payments). You can make a Bank Transfer by using your Internet or Telephone banking services. Faster Payments is a free service offered by most banks and usually allows us to receive your payment within 2 hours, but check with your bank whether they offer this service beforehand.
Do you Buy Back any unused currency I have Leftover?
Yes we can buy back your currency. Simply click on the Buy Back tab for indicative buy back rates and instructions on how to send your currency to us
What is 3D Secure?
Transactions with The Currency Club can only be completed using 3D secure enabled cards. This acts as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions and improves the security of Internet payments. You can request for your card to be 3D secure enabled by contacting your card provider.
Who will Deliver my Currency?
We use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service and they guarantee that the currency arrives next day by 1pm. This is a secure and insured service which requires sign off upon receipt of your package. Should nobody be in your property at the time of delivery, a card shall be dropped through your letterbox and your package will be taken back to your local mail centre. The card will have a number for you to call to arrange a redelivery and the address of your local mail centre, should you wish to go down to collect your package. (Please note that ID will be requested from you upon collection). Should your package not arrive by 1pm please promptly email us at and we will call Royal Mail to trace the whereabouts of your package.
What if I am not happy with the service?
Customer satisfaction is key to what we do, so please get in touch if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service. We will do our very best to fully understand your complaint and identify ways to ensure that it does not happen again. Please take a look at our complaints procedure below and in the highly unlikely event that you are not happy with the outcome, you may be able to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service.

How to make a Complaint?
The most efficient way to send us your complaint is online. Feel free to send us an email to Should you wish to call us you can
reach us on +44(0) 207 723 7000 alternatively you can send a letter to our PO BOX below:

PO BOX 66831
W2 7TB

When can I expect a response to my Complaint?
Our team will make your complaint a priority and you can expect a prompt acknowledgement reply within 1 business day.

The Currency Club takes customer complaints very seriously and will initiate a thorough investigation to consider all relevant facts when reviewing your complaint. You can expect our final response within 6 weeks of the date of your complaint.

What if I am not happy with The Currency Club's response?
If you are not happy with how your complaint has been handled, please email or call us and let's talk about it further so we may resolve your complaint internally.

What if I am still unhappy?
We aim to resolve any customer complaint without involving an independent third party however if you are still unsatisfied with our response you may have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (details below).

Financial Ombudsman Service
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR

Phone: 0845 080 1800 or 0300 123 9 123

Please note:
Only private individuals and small business (micro enterprises) have the right to take their case to the Ombudsman.
The Ombudsman will only consider complaints about regulated products and services.