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History of the Barbados Dollar

The Barbados dollar (BBD), also known as the Bajan dollar has been adopted by Barbados since 1965. Barbados, being a former British colony previously adopted the gold standard, following that of the British Eastern Carribean territories. From 1949, the country adopted the newly introduced British West Indies Dollar, and the currency of Barbados was coupled with those of the Eastern Carribean territories. It was only in 1965 that the British West Indies Dollar was replaced with the Eastern Carribean Dollar (BACK LINK TO EASTERN CARRIBEAN DOLLAR).

The Barbados dollar was founded in May 1972 and is issued directly by the Central Bank of Barbados. This replaced the use of the Eastern Carribean Dollar at par value in 1973.

The Barbados Dollar is pegged against the US Dollar, therefore as the US dollar fluctuates in value, so does the Barbados Dollar.

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