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Buy Bulgarian Lev (BGN)

You can now buy Bulgarian lev at the best exchange rates online via The Currency Club. To get you in the mood of what money to expect in the post, we have created a small brief on the currency for you to digest.

History of the Bulgarian Lev

The Bulgarian Lev was created in 1881 as Bulgaria“s currency and was pegged on par with the French franc, however during World War II in 1940, the lev was pegged against the German Reischmark. The pegging shift continued, and after the Soviet occupation in 1944, the lev was pegged against the Soviet Ruble. Following World War II, and having suffered a great deal of inflation, a new lev was introduced which worked out as 1 lev equal to 100 old leva and this was pegged against the US Dollar. Finally, the Bulgarian Lev is now pegged against the Euro.

What this means, is that any movement in the Euro will impact the price at which you buy Bulgarian lev, so keep an eye on those rates!

The Currency Club supplies a range of denominations in Bulgarian bills. These are as follows: 100,50,20,10 and 5 Bulgarian Lev bills.

When ordering Bulgarian lev online with The Currency Club, we usually are able to obtain most denominations, however the most available denominations tend to be in the form of 50 and 20 bills.

Go ahead, and order your Bulgarian Lev online today with The Currency Club!