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Buy Chinese Yuan / Renminbi

You can buy Chinese Yuan at the best exchange rates directly from The Currency Club. Before you get away, we have provided you with a little amount of reading so you can get clued up on Chinese Currency.

History of Chinese Yuan / Renminbi Currency

The currency known as the Renminbi or more internationally recognised as the Yuan is the official currency of the People"s Republic of China. The term of Renmimbi and Yuan is similar to the UK terminology of Sterling and the pound, where Sterling is the term to describe the british currency and the pound is described as the unit of currency.

The Chinese Yuan Comes in a variety of bills. We at The Currency Club tend to see 100,50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 bills.

When you buy your Chinese currency from The Currency Club, we will do our best to match your currency denomination preference however we cannot guarantee this. Please click here if you would like to place your order.