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Most banks and bureaux de change add on various margins to the British Pound to Egyptian Pound exchange rate that customers are not aware of making it harder for you to compare exchange rates on offer. We have gone one step further. To offer you low-cost exchange rates on your travel money whilst giving you access to the live interbank exchange rate for GBP/EGP at the point of when you transact for complete transparency. Compare our currency exchange rates and see how much you could save.

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Buy Egyptian Pound

The currency of Egypt is the Egyptian Pound which in Arabic is called Guinay. It is made up of smaller denominations called Piastres. Two interesting facts of Egypt currency are that each note is written in two languages, Arabic and English, and that the smaller the note denomination, the smaller it's physical size. Egyptian paper money is among the most elegant, on account of its color and the use of Egyptian and Arab motifs in its design.

On 3 April 1899, The National Bank of Egypt issued banknotes for the first time. In the year 1949 authorities in Egypt introduced the Egyptian pound with the International Monetary Fund at the rate of E1 = US$2.87. In 1961 The Central Bank of Egypt and the National Bank of Egypt were unified into the Central Bank of Egypt and the following year a uniform premium was applied to most foreign exchange transactions that in effect made E1 worth US$2.30. Needing foreign currency in the late 1960s, the government applied a premium rate of E1 = US$1.70, which became known as the parallel market, to a range of transactions. The rate lasted until 1975, the Central Bank rate then fixed at E1 = US$1.43 since 1979.

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Key Facts of The Currency Club:

The Currency Club monitors the live interbank exchange rate on GBP to EGP through our fully automated retail currency system. Using our system provides our members with greater transparency when purchasing travel money online or making a currency exchange.

Register, become a member and via your own designated account, order travel money efficiently and at your own convenience. Place your order through The Currency Club and get the best Egyptian Pound exchange rate.

Would you still feel more comfortable buying Egyptian Pound in a London branch?

If so please visit Sterling FX for exceptional in branch Egyptian Pound rates -

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What is the value of Egyptian Pound note?

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0.42 GBP
100.00 EGP
4.27 GBP
1,000.00 EGP
42.70 GBP
10,000.00 EGP
427.01 GBP
100,000.00 EGP
4,270.10 GBP
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We can buy back your leftover Egyptian Pound so you can always transact at the best GBP to EGP exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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The Currency Club is the UK's leading online transparent foreign exchange specialist. Whether you need to buy travel money or send money internationally at low cost, transact at the best exchange rates with direct visibility of the live interbank exchange rate every time before you transact.

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