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Unlike many banks and bureaux de changes we are transparent with our Canadian Dollar pricing. You have direct access to the live GBP/ CAD interbank exchange rate so it's easier for you to compare and see the savings you make using our buy back service. Compare our buy back rates and see how much you could save.

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The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
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What is the interbank exchange rate for Canadian Dollar?

Ideally, whenever you are buying or selling Canadian Dollar it is always a good idea to research where the interbank exchange rate is. The interbank exchange rate gives you a guide as you want to transact as closely to it as possible. For ease, we always show what the mid market rate is on our currency converters.

In a nutshell, when you are selling back Canadian Dollar and converting to GBP you want to do so when the Canadian Dollar is strong against British Pound. This way you will get more British Pound for every Canadian Dollar sold. If you are buying Canadian Dollar the reverse applies and you should try to buy when Canadian Dollar weak against the British Pound since this would mean more Canadian Dollar for every British Pound you spend.

Sell Canadian Dollar

The Official Currency of Canada - Canadian Dollar

Owing to Canada's relative economic soundness, legal stability and firm sovereign position, the Canadian Dollar is a popular currency among central banks. It accounts for about 2% of all global reserves and is the fifth most held reserve currency worldwide. This is why one can easily sell the Canadian Dollar in exchange for their currency from across the world.

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Facts On Canadian Dollar

Official name - Canadian Dollar

Symbol - C$, $, HKD$

Nickname - Loonie, Piastre, Huard, Buck

Subunit - Cent, Quarter, Dime, Nickel

Other states that use Canadian Dollar - Miquelon, Saint Pierre

Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate

1 GBP = 1.56448 CAD

How To Sell Canadian Dollar?

In case you happen to have a significant amount of Canadian Dollar, you can sell them to either a bank or bureau de change. These are both pretty straightforward methods of foreign currency exchange. However, a banking institution will not provide you with enough benefits as they tend to have fixed Canadian Dollar exchange rates.

On the other hand, an established bureau de change will offer current rates. Moreover, if you find an institution with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), it will ensure the complete safety of your money. So, before you sell Canadian Dollar, you should conduct a thorough research about the establishment you select.

Sell Canadian Dollar Through The Currency Club

The Currency Club matches all the requirements stated above. So, you do not have to go through any tiresome research. We offer you the best rates for Canadian Dollar in the market and do not charge any hidden fee like most bureaus de change. Moreover, our representatives provide our clients with the interbank rates before booking our buy back services.

Using the live rates Canadian Dollar, one can calculate his/her profit and get a clear idea of the amount receivable in exchange for the transaction. In addition, we offer buy back assistance for about 100 different currencies. Therefore, no more looking for the best 'Canadian Dollar exchange near me,' instead, opt for our hassle-free online services.

What Do Canadian Dollar Look Like?

The Canadian currency is known for its colourful appearance with popular figures, such as Queen Elizabeth II, John A. Macdonald, Robert Borde, etc. However, its popularity does not end there. In 2011, it was rumoured that C$100 banknotes smelled like maple, which the Government obviously denied.

The History Behind

During the 1660s, the French colonists introduced Canadian Dollar coins as an official currency. But there were not used until the Montreal Bank introduced them in 1821. After that, the Canadian Dollar was called Canadian Pound for a brief time as it was a British Colony. However, in 1858 the Canadian currency aligned with the US Dollar and " Canadian Dollar" became official. Following which in 1934, the Bank of Canada was established, issuing the first banknotes within a year. The current polymer-based banknotes were issued in 2011.

Would you still feel more comfortable selling Canadian Dollar in a London branch?

If so please visit Sterling FX for exceptional sell Canadian Dollar branch rates -

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What is the value of my Canadian Dollar note?

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639.19 GBP
10,000.00 CAD
6,391.92 GBP
100,000.00 CAD
63,919.20 GBP
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