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British Pound (GBP) to UAE Dirham (AED) Exchange Rate

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If you are planning a trip to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other location within the United Arab Emirates then take UAE Dirham with you in advance of your travels.

To get the best exchange rate on GBP to AED, use our currency converter. We can deliver UAE Dirham at the real exchange rate with secured next day delivery to your home.

Order up to £7500 worth of AED at a time with no hidden fees. The more UAE dirham that you order, the lower the fee.

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The mid market rate is also known as the interbank rate and it is the mid point between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair.
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History of the UAE Dirham

The UAE Dirham is the official currency of United Arab Emirates and is also referred to as the Emirati dirham. Dirham was also used to represent mass in the Ottoman and Turkish Empire. The unit was also used in Cyprus & Greece. The word "dirham" is derived from the Greek word "the Drachm" which represents the Greek currency. During the trade affairs between the Byzantine Empire and the Arab world, the Greek coin was circulated widely. And over a period of time the Greek currency representation - "the Drachm", was accepted in the Arab world as "Dirham".

The Qatar and Dubai riyal had circulated since 1966 in all of the emirates except Abu Dhabi. Before 1966, all the emirates that were to form the UAE used the Gulf rupee. As in Qatar, the emirates briefly adopted the Saudi riyal and then in 1971 the United Arab Emirates finally introduced the UAE Dirham.

The UAE Dirham is currently pegged against the IMFs Special Drawing rights, but in reality, it is pegged to the US Dollar for most of the time. So as the pound to us dollar exchange rate moves so does the pound to the UAE dirham exchange rate.

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How to get the best pound to uae dirham exchange rate

Always go for the highest pound to aed exchange rate on offer. Make comparisons against the overall cost for a fixed amount of uae dirham. Always be aware that currency providers and brokers include their margin within the exchange rate that they offer and many charge commission so always check carefully before confirming a travel money transaction.

What denominations are there of UAE Dirham?

UAE Dirham comes in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 notes.

Can I sell back any unused UAE Dirham?

Yes you can simply, click here to visit our currency buy back page.

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We can buy back your leftover Uae dirham (AED) so you can always transact at the best GBP to AED exchange rate with no hidden fees.

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