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December 2020

Dear Members,

The Currency Club's mission has always been to reduce the cost of foreign exchange for everyone. We launched our business ten years ago with this intention, and we deliberately focused on the retail travel money sector as our starting point. We observed that for far too long individuals were paying ridiculous amounts in margins disguised by industry jargon.

We also felt the retail currency space is where we could make a bigger impact to benefit travellers. Back then, exchanging travel money was done on the high street by older brands that had zero technology focus. Our newly built platform was all about enabling individuals to save money on their currency exchange by transacting online with the added convenience of a home delivery.

As our brand grew throughout the UK, we began working with several affiliates and went on to build white labels for other companies wanting to enter the foreign exchange banknotes space.

However, our goal was never to stop at physical banknotes. As foreign exchange specialists, we wanted to enter the international payments space too, provided we could continue to offer exceptional value to our customers with the seamless efficiency that our service currently offers.

Our long-term strategy has always been to offer everyone a low cost, one stop solution to meet any foreign exchange requirement.

Covid brought about new challenges in our business environment of which the pace and scale of change are unprecedented. However, we used that time to develop in house our low cost international payments platform.

After a year and a half of solid software development and testing, I am proud to announce that our International payments platform has successfully been rolled out.

2020 has definitely been a year of innovation and reflection for us. We were given the opportunity to revisit our business model and come back to our mission. Our team got thinking about how we could do things better and we made several observations during these Covid times whilst taking on board our member's feedback.

Everyone wants certainty and transparency from the companies they use. Especially when it comes to money so we decided to change the way we do foreign exchange.

More transparency - Up front access to the real exchange rate before confirming your best offered exchange rate giving you the ability to compare and see how much you can save.

The Currency Club has evolved and undergone restructuring to improve the way we now do business with our customers. We are now offering the real exchange rateto be accessible on all transactions our customers make. As some of you may be aware, all currency pricing is from the live interbank exchange rate and to be fair to you it's important that you can compare easily with access to both.

This new level of transparent model will make it easier for our customers to know the exact cost of their foreign exchange and simplifies the process further.

We are convinced that this new business model is fairer for our members and from an ethical standpoint, we feel this is the right way to conduct our business going forward.

Our customers are at the core of all we do and they deserve clear, consistent and affordable pricing on all their foreign exchange transactions.

I and all our the Management Team hope you are happy with the changes we have made this year and we value your continued support.

Kind regards


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We have made every effort to ensure that the information published here is correct and accurate, however you should check and confirm the latest exchange rates with The Currency Club directly prior to making a decision. The information published is general and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Full disclaimer available

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